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MKEC Engineering Marketing, Different by Design

There’s a saying in the marketing world that clients get the creative they deserve. MKEC’s logo, branding and marketing materials give credence to that claim. It’s a great brand with smart visuals and messaging. We got there because MKEC came to us with a goal – but not a preconceived notion of how to get there. Together, we collaborated. Shared ideas. And built something terrific. Everything works together to reinforce that MKEC is not just different. But different by design.

Our very successful rebranding poises us for continued growth.

executive vice president

Engineering Success Starts with Marketing

Through our Ascend process, we determined MKEC’s key competitive advantage: its laser-like focus on ensuring clients’ favorable outcomes. That led to the tagline: “Engineering Success.” Science and math inspire the logo. Overlapping circular forms represent the relationship between land, water and the built environment. They’re reminiscent of computer renderings, CAD drawings, even piping. The nature-evoking color palette deploys grass green, water blue and building-materials gray. Coupled with generous use of white space, this palette reproduces beautifully and feels vibrant and modern. Easy-to-use online graphic standards deliver quick-reference support.

We enjoy working with engineers. They are a different kind of creative, solving complex problems.

Greteman Group
president and creative director

Modern Marketing Website Focuses on End-User

The responsive-design site eschews the same old engineering drawings and finished projects and instead takes a fresh approach. It showcases end users enjoying the benefits of clean water, good roads, better learning environments, master-planned golf courses and more. Its full-service, experienced team of engineers, planners and landscape architects go below the surface. Anticipating and resolving underlying problems. Striving for excellence. And always keeping the future generation in mind. Deeper content aids search engine optimization (SEO) and markets MKEC’s competitive advantages. MKEC has done an exceptional job of taking high-quality project photography, and that commitment shows in its individual project descriptions. Each outlines the engineering challenges faced and successfully overcome through MKEC’s unique, client-focused steps.