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Filling the Worker Pipeline

Construction offers a rewarding career, but many young people think of construction as grueling, low-pay, dirty work with no chance to advance. Parents and career counselors often lack the countering, correct facts. So, as the workforce ages and retires, new workers aren’t taking their place. AGC of Kansas, the state’s Chamber of Commerce for the commercial construction industry, came to us to create a construction recruitment campaign that tells it like it is while changing minds and spurring job applications.

In less than a month, the site had almost 20,000 views and 100 leads to the HR platform.


Laying Out a Path of Success

Our aspirational Build Up Kansas construction recruitment campaign appeals to people who want to benefit their community and themselves. The campaign-themed microsite – – and materials toolkit use heroic photography of dynamic young professionals working with both power tools and digital devices. And we see them being mentored and trained by more seasoned pros. Infographics lay out possible career progressions that can take you far. Simple, bold facts communicate benefits and opportunities. Testimonial videos are scaled vertically for optimal viewing on smartphones, ideal for our highly mobile target audience. Hearing from real people who have found construction rewarding clears up misconceptions. These guys love what they do and are proud of what they’ve built.

Fueling Interest in High-Demand Jobs

An integrated mix of digital tactics focuses on young adults age 17-22 who are actively looking for a career. Mobile-app targeting deploys banner ads and testimonial videos across YouTube and affiliate sites. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all in the mix to reach these online-heavy users. In less than a month, the site had almost 20,000 views and 100 leads checking out the open positions across AGC of Kansas’ member-base. Turns out the idea of building something – including a great life – has tremendous appeal. People want to be part of a team doing meaningful, important work. To have accomplishments they can see and take pride in.