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Manufacturing Branding as Engineers’ Problem-Solver

Every company says it’s strategic. That it delivers best-in-class solutions. So our challenge for Global Polymer was to show rather than tell. This ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) parts fabricator collaborates with clients to design and develop customized, complex parts – from tractor pulleys to conveyor belts. We started with our discovery process to fuel strategy and creative. We quickly learned that education was key. Global Polymer’s ability to use net-shape molding creates a part that is stronger, lasts longer and doesn’t wear like the plastic rival polyurethane. Global Polymer literally takes dust and turns it into something. Its ability to embed metal parts within the plastic truly make its products “Strong to the Core.”

Greteman Group’s marketing support helps widen and deepen our market penetration.

Global Polymer

Art directing video and still shoots in Global Polymer’s impressive facility gave me deeper appreciation for how they take so little and turn it into so much.

Greteman Group
art director

Solutions You Can See

We created a fresh, friendly brand that stands out in a highly technical, engineering-driven industry. We updated the logo to leverage its strengths. Its uppercase “G” meets the lowercase “p” to create an open loop, signifying the collaboration that goes on between Global Polymer and the clients it works with: composites engineers, manufacturing process managers, materials buyers and more. The simple, strong mark gets molded into Global Polymer’s parts. The brand color palette – gray, chartreuse, teal, royal blue and lots of white – pop in infographic-rich print sales collateral and digital outreach.


A Robust Website for Rugged Parts

The responsive, content-managed website is search engine-optimized. Photos are indexed to increase native search. Thought leadership, social media engagement and boosted social posts increase traffic. Video content memorably brings home the unique selling proposition and helps tell Global Polymer’s complex story. Case studies deliver straight talk from customers and proven examples of parts and partnerships that last. Calls to action encourage prospects to download their ideas. We especially targeted composite engineers, who were taught in school that polyurethane (not polyethylene) is the only way to go. The big takeaway: You want to work with these guys.