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Architecture Website Design Builds GLMV a Strong Structure That Carries a Heavy Load

GLMV Architecture has a complicated past and equally complicated future. It dates back to 1919 and, in 2010, had a rebirth with the merger of Gossen Livingston Associates and McCluggage Van Sickle & Perry. It has four offices in three states and offers an expansive list of services to local, state and national clients. Key markets include government, corporate, industrial, aviation, education, healthcare, food service, zoos and parklands. Our website redesign in 2015 led to an easy-to-update, portfolio-focused, responsive site. It serves as a key tool for outreach to current and potential clients. Collaboration with GLVM on search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted content serves to strategically grow key markets. (Optimized SEO also moved GLMV’s Google ranking to page one.) Blog content helps prospects understand how GLMV solved challenges for others. A robust culture section fuels GLMV’s recruitment engine. GLMV architects find the possible. And its website communicates their passion to transform ordinary into outstanding.


GLMV isn’t just about buildings, but about building strong, sustainable communities. Our website conveys our drive to achieve a better built environment – and world.

GLMV Architecture
vice president