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Delivering Design Build

Hutton is disrupting the market, coming out of the gate with a powerful, new offering – a comprehensive solution for clients looking to build, expand and rethink their facilities. Reimagining its company, moving away from solely construction to a full-service, design-build solution. Its team is there in hard hats, yes, but also early on at the drawing board. Greteman Group was the right fit to help Hutton with its construction marketing and bring this turnkey, benefit-oriented strategy to market.

Intense collaboration benefited our brand just as it does our projects.

chief executive officer

Working the Process

Greteman Group’s SmartParts prototyping tool facilitated collaboration. We built an interactive wireframe that allowed the Hutton team to fully visualize how its clients would navigate the site. By aligning the prototype to Hutton’s goals, we created a lead-generating strategy centered around communicating design-build benefits, telling client stories, providing community resources and emphasizing the company’s values. Much like Hutton’s own process, this laid the foundation for a successful site that performs as beautifully as it looks. The client appreciated that we provided a roadmap and a timeline so they always knew where we were in the process.


Gaining Outside Feedback

It’s easy to get bogged down in your own creation. After several rounds of tweaking, it was time for us to take a step back from our construction marketing plan and have Hutton’s clients review the site and share their user experience. Their insights on content, structure and functionality on multiple browsers and devices unveiled no major issues. Users enjoyed the short, but informational, headlines. Their preferred contact option was the always-easy-to-find phone number. They said the focus on employee well-being and the community’s future builds trust. With a few small copy changes, the website was ready for prime time. Equally important, the client said we captured the “Hutton voice.”

The most rewarding part of this project was hearing, "I would hire Hutton," after each user test.

Greteman Group
digital director


Greteman Group did a nice job leading us through their defined process and helping us arrive at decisions. They were easy to work with and made the journey a lot of fun.

VP of design

Raising the Marketing Roof

Hutton’s re-imagined website fully delivers on educating design-build benefits. Fact-filled infographics showcasing tangible results, hard-hitting client testimonials, full-screen videos, downloadable white papers, a robust newsroom, action-inspiring copy and an integrated recruitment site all work together to communicate Hutton’s big, bodacious vision. The new site even offers a dedicated giving section where a nonprofit can request donations, underscoring Hutton’s commitment to philanthropy, one of its core values.


Hutton Shows What It’s Made Of – and Clients Love It

Whether its prospective clients are looking for a trustworthy design-build partner or potential employees in search of a corporate culture beyond their wildest dreams, they find it. Hutton makes good on its pledge to deliver an unbeatable experience and product. Hutton’s full-service approach sets it apart and above the competition. While other companies fire up the bulldozers, Hutton thinks things through – saving money, reducing headaches and ensuring quality. Hutton balances its farsighted imagination with down-to-earth problem-solving for unrivaled results that advance its employees’ dreams, clients’ vision and communities’ future. Now Hutton has a great tool it can actively manage on the backend, with its marketing team handling project updates, images and text all on their own.


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