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Elevating Flight Training with an Inspiring Website

Dreams of becoming a pilot find a perfect launchpad at FlightSafety Academy. But realizing more of them required doing a better job of getting the word out. A new, search-engine-optimized website both attracts and recruits candidates. Responsive design lets the young, on-the-go target audience access it easily on mobile devices. Captivating, new video and photography of engaged students, the palm-tree-lined Vero Beach campus, expansive fleet of training aircraft, and cool-looking, high-tech instruction scenarios invite lingering and exploration.

Greteman Group laid out the entire scope and walked us through step by step.

FlightSafety Academy
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Getting Prospects to Take Another Look

Part of our job was to clarify misconceptions. Because the global parent company is so well known, many people hear “FlightSafety” and think only of recurrent pilot training. They don’t know about FlightSafety Academy’s ability to teach individuals with zero flight experience how to fly or about getting hired as a certified flight instructor post-graduation as a way to build up their flight hours. And, they may not know that the academy funnels graduates both to corporate and commercial aviation. Graduates choose their path – to fly privately or for the airlines.


Building Excitement that Can Be Measured

The school has earned a reputation as the premier flight training option in the United states. Its wide mix of ethnicities, gender-diverse student population, and younger demographic (20 to 30-year-olds) make the campus even more dynamic. The reimagined site more accurately portrays who the academy is. Metrics track calls to action and engagement opportunities throughout the site. This ensures we’re effectively guiding recruits through potential training paths and strategically reporting conversions to the sales team.