One small idea can generate a big impact. For its latest safety poster in Aviation International News, USAIG partnered with the Helicopter Association International. An HAI HELI-EXPO 2019 contest submission inspired our creative: “One Last Look.” The message dramatizes the importance of thorough preflight checks and, hopefully, sparks operators to do that critical, final verification before takeoff.

More than a Checklist

A vibrant color palette makes graphics pop, drawing helicopter operators’ eyes to such key points as making sure all cowlings and doors are latched and no visible leaks or puddles can be seen. Body copy includes more lifesaving suggestions further highlighted by the poster graphics.

USAIG President and CEO John Brogan’s accompanying letter on the reverse side goes into more depth. Brogan reminds operators that even in urgent missions, a crew’s first responsibility is safety. This longer format conveys more supporting information and allows a further tie-in with HAI’s “Land and Live” directive for unsafe weather.

Increasing the Impact

A corresponding social campaign invites operators to use #OneLastLook to further the conversation. They post their thoughts or questions as to how preflight checklists lead to safe helicopter flights. A call-to-action asks pilots to “Share Your Experiences to Keep Others Safe.”

The stylized visuals and vital reminders encourage operators to hang up and refer to the poster – helping keep safety top of mind. And giving this safety-focused insurance company a chance to make a lasting impression. That’s worth another look.