From tradeshow build-outs and monumental environmental displays to compelling books and digital graphics, design plays a powerful role in capturing brand stories and developing move-the-needle marketing campaigns. Here at Greteman Group, we celebrate the meaning behind every visual that our team creates. Designer Marc Bosworth gives a beautiful account of his passion for design in his answers to these five simple questions.

Question 1: Why did you initially pursue a career in art and design?

I was one of those kids who was always drawing pictures and I had creative, older siblings who encouraged me. In high school, I had a chance to take a vocational course in commercial art (as it was called in those days), and I was fortunate to land a job doing graphic design at a screenprinting shop shortly after high school. I started college intending to study graphic design or illustration, but I really gravitated towards drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. My advisor – who was a fine arts professor – encouraged me to study fine arts to hone my skills and conceptual abilities, since I was already gaining real-world experience as a graphic designer at my job. I’ve had my hands in both the art and design worlds ever since.

Question 2: Who has inspired you along your professional path?

Sonia has been a big inspiration, of course. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some really talented designers and art directors over the years. I’ve tried to glean whatever I can from each of them. Wichita has a solid community of artists as well, and I’m continually impressed and inspired by their work.

Question 3: What was one of your favorite projects that you’ve ever worked on, and what was the biggest challenge that you faced?

The aviation history project for Wichita Eisenhower Airport was a favorite – and a huge challenge. The stop-start nature of the project spanned 10 years. I began on the project as a production artist and finished it as an art director. Telling a story so rich in history was exciting and difficult, because some of it was changing even as the project went along. You don’t think of history changing, but it does. Cessna and Beechcraft, for instance, became Textron Aviation. I feel proud to have been a part of it every time I see the finished work in our beautiful airport.

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Greteman Group team?

Working with a team of all-stars. Everyone in the office is not only a master of what they do, but they are also great collaborators. Each project is a strategic melding of minds and a blending of magical talents.

Question 5: If you could instill one piece of advice into the minds of those who are just beginning to pursue a career in art and design, what would it be?

It’s important to get to know the other artists and designers in your community. Form a network and stay connected with the people who are like-minded, who can continue to offer guidance and inspiration along the way.

Here is a beautiful example of Marc’s gift for printmaking.