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I’m very happy with the result of the atrium project.

Airbus Americas
VP, engineering/programs

Visual Storytelling Showcase for Airbus Americas Atrium

Physical spaces offer some of your best opportunities for visual storytelling in a powerful, immediate way. Our work for Airbus offers a perfect case in point. Airbus established an engineering center in the Air Capital in 2002, and in 2017 ramped up its presence by moving to a state-of-the-art building on Wichita State’s Innovation Campus. After living in the building for a while, management wanted to add brand personality and Wichita enthusiasm into the look and feel of the atrium.


It’s fun to learn the history of why Airbus landed in the Air Capital and its ongoing commitment to this community.

Greteman Group
chair of board/creative director

Global Brand, Local Company

Our assignment: make the lobby more welcoming, experiential and informative through visual storytelling. Communicate the breadth of the global company, but focus on the Wichita campus. What brought Airbus to the Air Capital. Its role in the community. Its values-driven culture. The stories that set it apart.

It has been a great pleasure working with your team.

Airbus Americas
VP, engineering/programs

Transformative, Forward-Looking Focus

A large monitor plays a looped, 7-minute video in which unscripted members of the Airbus team share thoughts about their work and Wichita. Footage of the Airbus Flying Challenge shows Airbus engineers helping high-school students build a kit airplane. (And, yes, at the end of the course it flies.) Supplemental corporate footage helps convey the scope of Airbus’s worldwide impact. While we tell the history of Airbus in Wichita, the focus is the future. And it’s bright.


Speaking to Both Internal and External Audiences

Large-scale wall graphics, 3-D type and shadowboxes cover the walls. Photographs of Airbus team members add a human connection while big, bold quotes convey key messages. Engineering drawings complement shots of completed aircraft in flight. The experience center serves to promote pride, confidence and advocacy on the part of Airbus team members. It also helps attract and recruit the highest-levels of engineering talent. It works to educate – and to stir emotional responses from its many outside groups: students, business leaders, legislators, airlines, global visitors and industry advocates. We want people to leave the experience center understanding that Airbus is an international company with a deep, multifaceted U.S. presence – and thinking: “Wow, what a tremendous team doing great things within the industry and community.”