Colleague Carol Farrow and I recently attended Social Media Day ICT– an annual celebration that recognizes how social media has enriched our community and world. The event’s keynote speaker, Mark Schaefer, proved the value of genuine connections on social media. Whether you’re scheduling company posts on Facebook or following leads via Twitter, these simple yet strategic tips will help you dominate your social media presence.


Keep it P2P, not B2B

Think of social media as an outlet for the 21st Century primal need for connection. Individuals engage with a business on social media, but they really want to connect with the people behind the brand. Person to person. Small, personal interactions – like quick response times and complete transparency – build trust and create relationships.

Information Ecosystem

People turn to their social media platform of choice to become educated on businesses, brands and products. With social media, there aren’t barriers to the amount of content that can be created. But, just because you can write it and push it out, doesn’t mean you should. By 2020, the information on the Internet will increase by 500 percent. To stand out in a sea of information, make your content meaningful and genuinely helpful. Strive for consistent quality, rather than quantity. Content so helpful, fun or interesting that others can’t help but share it. Curate brand stories that provoke conversations – then engage in those conversations.

Think Process, Not Task

No one said social media would be easy. Businesses have to proactively and systematically find people to build their network. This takes time. And an authentic desire to create a connection. It’s great to get a new Facebook like, but think beyond the like. Think human connection. Change your mindset from selling to helping. Evoke emotional connections and watch brand loyalty and advocacy grow.