How do you realize big dreams on a small budget? Find a marketing partner who makes your limited resources go far.

Years ago, we worked with former bank CEO Kevin Chase on the successful renaming and branding of Verus Bank. When he and his partner – winning head football coach Brandon Clark – came to us with their leadership-training initiative, we quickly got on board.

Setting Your Strategy

Kevin and Brandon are likeminded individuals who have worked together informally for years. Together, they’ve built the purpose-filled culture of the Derby High School football team and created a program they call One Degree Compass. They’re committed to helping others by sharing what they’ve learned about culture, relationships and teamwork.

Over the course of several work sessions, they laid out their vision for the business, their target markets, their planned offerings and long-term goals. To help us better understand their service, we became a client. They conducted an in-house workshop with our 20-person agency then did a follow-up training. That experience was invaluable. We saw firsthand how they guide teams, harness good vibes and drive transformation.

Building a Brand

We convinced them to move forward with the name they were kicking around – Coach and the Cowboy. We love it, don’t you? The coach is obvious, but the cowboy? Well, while Kevin’s family has been in the banking business for five decades, they’ve been in ranching for four generations. The lessons Kevin learned from tending cattle, mending fences and riding alongside his dad permeate the discipline, accountability, character and service that are hallmarks of their program.

Working collaboratively with Kevin and Brandon, we developed a logo, messaging, collateral and website. A stylized compass embedded within the logo communicates One Degree Compass. Distressed typography conveys the ruggedness of both ranch life and the playing field. Kansas wheat fields inspire the earthy color palette’s pop of gold. Sepia-toned ranching and sports photography support key points in a fresh, memorable way.

Our easy-to-use content management system (CMS) allows the client to update their new website themselves. Testimonials from beta clients add credibility. Icons and infographics clarify concepts and the process. Calls to action encourage engagement. Social links take you to client-managed, branded channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ready to Ride

Coach and the Cowboy knows how to set a destination and create a path that gets you there. These pros understand the value of building your brand right from the get-go. Watch for great things.

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