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Cost-Conscious Financial Advertising and Branding

Budget’s a primary challenge when developing marketing for a family-owned regional bank. How do you create something that serves the brand professionally and holds its own against the big boys spending a gazillion times as much? Our task, to develop a compelling brand and advertising that connect with consumers, but without breaking the bank. Kansas-rooted quotes of integrity, copy infused with honesty and truth and nature-inspired illustrations all came together to create a friendly, accessible brand. The toolkit of assets extended seamlessly to all the bank’s marketing materials and supported its unique positioning.

How can we laugh so much when we’re working together, yet produce such great outcomes?

Verus Bank chairman and CEO

Doing More with Digital

Verus Bank wanted its website to appeal to a younger, online-savvy audience. The result? A fresh voice and new life that reinvigorated the brand. The mobile-friendly website includes advanced functionality and navigation, from letting customers customize their debit cards with their own photography to an app for easy mobile banking. Community links encourage frequent return visits. Site architecture with the content management system (CMS) makes it easy to keep the site updated in-house on a limited budget, keeping content fresh and searchable.


Kansas Roots, Prairie Sky

Using illustration saves both talent costs and adds uniqueness that immediately cuts through the clutter – and creates less of an apples-to-apples comparison. We also evoked emotions not usually found in banking campaigns. Nature. Whimsy. Charm. Our TV spot promoting Verus’s support for young, first-time homeowners stands out in its cable-channel rotation. It’s also perfect for email outreach, social media sharing and website engagement. An upbeat voiceover calms jitters and conveys a here-for-you attitude. Whimsical, nature-inspired illustrations drop in and move across the screen. Creating a sense of discovery and wonder. Encouraging viewers to embark on this life-affirming, memory-making journey with the right banking partner. A lender who’s a neighbor. And a friend. Banners placed at all the Verus branches and online outreach extend the message with little added cost. All the bank’s outreach rings true, just like Verus itself.


Time to Start Fresh and Reintroduce Yourself

We created a new name and logo when the First National Bank of Derby celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was one of more than 70 “First National” banks in Kansas and needing something distinctive to communicate its community-focused, forward-looking nature. And with the addition of new branches in other communities, something not location specific. We helped rename it Verus Bank, inspired by the Latin for true or genuine. Monumental signage immediately captured people’s attention and let them know change had arrived.