Want more audience engagement? Is your content engaging? A little tough love here. No one is waiting to hear from your brand.

Inboxes are full. Social media timelines are an unending scroll. Our smartphones chirp for attention when we look away. If your content is going to pop up on our screen, it’s gotta be interesting. Quickly. Or we’ll move on.

Be Interesting

You should be creating content about what interests you. It will probably interest others as well, especially if you have a real passion for it. That will come through. Your expertise and experience will earn you readers and trust.

you should create content about what interests you

If you’re just writing to fill a hole or to bury some SEO into the copy, that shows. Better to hold off and write when you have something to say. Or interview someone who does, if it is a subject you want to feature for strategic reasons but are not an expert on the topic. Question and answer formats work well and are easy to put together.

Don’t Be Dull

This was supposed to be a blog about content and best practices on “how to produce the good stuff and blah, blah, blah.” Truth is, there’s no one formula. All that you can hope to do is be entertaining and informative. People won’t read or watch videos of even the most useful things if they’re dull.

How not to be dull:

  • Brief is good.
  • Smart works.
  • It helps to be funny.
  • Look sharp. Design matters.

Of course, we can’t all be all of those things. That’s why many companies have marketing teams or agencies handling their social accounts. But if you’re going it alone, here’s some more advice.

content audiences love

Be Yourself

Remember: No one is waiting to hear from your brand. Or your marketing team. Or to read your latest press release. But people are always happy to hear from you.

Why? Because you are such a gosh darn delight.

Everyone out there is seeking validation, and you have been kind enough to validate us a time or two with a like or share. Simple and sweet as that: You once made us feel good. We remember that every time we see your handsome logo on the screen (swoon), and now we take the time to read your content.

Don’t Overthink It

Content is just another word for stuff. Now, get out there and strut yours.