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Listening Leads to Impact

Foundations rely on strong donor and volunteer bases. Wichita State University Foundation took a major step in strengthening interactions with its key constituencies by retiring its old website and starting fresh. Efforts began by choosing the right partner. A comprehensive RFP process led to the selection of Greteman Group, in part because of robust examples of our WordPress content management system and its ability to support scalable growth. A kickoff quickly followed to set a vision and launch deadline.

The collaboration started immediately. Both teams provided strategic input for an interactive wireframe prototype that simplified navigation, improved user experience and encouraged an easy donation path for both current and future prospects. A sophisticated content management system gives the Foundation’s internal team of writers and designers a way to easily update copy, photography, video, and optimize search engine results. Design follows WSU’s brand guidelines while adding elements that help donors find and give to their passion projects. Additionally, it hosts the Horizon newsletter in a digital space conducive to increased email outreach.

Thank you for caring about our site, sharing your talents and expertise, being available for questions, and being so fun to work with!

WSU Foundation
associate VP of donor engagement

Giving Changes Lives

Content features a host of university stakeholders engaging with students and sharing personal stories about the benefits of giving back to an institution that did so much for them. Statistic-rich infographics use data to make an at-a-glance case for transformative giving. Student testimonials forge an emotional connection and memorably demonstrate the power of education in achieving dreams and donors’ lifechanging role.

The site makes it easy to give. Calls to action include a variety of options – online, text, phone, in person – and strategies – matching, crowdfunding, planned giving and bequests. Donors can easily customize their giving to align with a myriad of WSU initiatives, programs, colleges, scholarships and fellowships. The site links to a secure, trusted third-party portal and integrated donation platform plugin provides ROI metrics against every scholarship, endowment and campaign. Google Analytics and advanced metrics help better understand user behavior patterns.

The design, development and rollout of our new website has been a joy. Greteman Group supported us every step of the way!

WSU Foundation
digital marketing coordinator

Creating a Platform for Success

In the end, content is king. A beta test with donors and stakeholders revealed that participants were able to find giving opportunities immediately and were informed by the content. The site performed optimally across multiple platforms. The WSU Foundation now has a tool to build on and grow over time. One that will allow them to continue telling their diverse stories of transformative, horizon-expanding education.