Stryker Sports Supersized Graphics and Wayfinding
Stryker Sports

Let’s Gets Physical

Let’s just say it now. The $22 million reimagining of the Stryker Soccer Complex gives Wichita a national-caliber, multisport complex that wows. City leaders say it should draw up to 150,000 visitors a year from a 350-mile radius. Designed for youth and families who tend to live at the fields, the complex does more than provide a healthy outlet. The economic impact will be in the millions of dollars. Our branding had to be equally stellar. And it is.


Time to Play Ball

A bolt of lightning splits fields of blue, set off with stars and stripes. Styled typography creates dynamic, sharp, slants in the Stryker name. Bold bands of red, gold, blue and gray animate supersized graphics and wayfinding. Graphics have a clean, modern, illustrative style. Everything feels big and muscular.


Fields of Dreams

Matches are played on the Tommy Peckham Championship Field, with seating for more than 2,000. It has the ability to accommodate additional supporters sections and a party tent for more festival-style events. Thirteen grass fields are replaced by 11 fields with artificial turf and an indoor soccer field. The groundwork for this regional attraction was laid decades ago by forward-thinking civic leaders. Its location just north of K-96 and Greenwich positions it in one of Wichita’s most rapidly growing areas. This high-energy complex and its equally dynamic branding are in a league of their own.