Sports History Exhibit Design for Lawrence Dumont Stadium

Sports History Exhibit Design Knocks It Out of the Ballpark

The first game of the National Baseball Congress happened in Wichita in the 1930s and included an integrated team led by Satchel Paige. Greteman Group’s creative shares this mostly unknown history through signage and a monumental, outdoor history walk. A 25-foot monolith shaped like a bat serves as a beacon enticing visitors to enter Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

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Long before the major leagues opened its doors to black athletes, Wichita was making interracial history on the baseball field.

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Experience the Game When It Truly Was America’s Favorite Pastime

The interactive walk meanders along the banks of the Arkansas River alongside the stadium. It includes 56-foot-high banners and larger-than-life images of several baseball legends, including Paige and his famous left-handed windmill pitch. Signage systems line the cast-concrete, baseball-shaped walkway. A three-sided, 30-foot-high obelisk includes baseball terminology and a listing of Wichita teams through the years. On one side, 84 three-dimensional, 10-inch cast baseballs are raised from the surface, literally creating a wall of balls. Individual eight-foot signs include photographs of the key players and their stories. Another monument tells about the birth of the National Baseball Congress in 1935 and the colorful history — and outrageous stories — of the legendary promoter and owner Hap Dumont.

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