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Helping an Innovative Idea Take Flight

Kansas Mod Center has a bold mission and a design solution to match for its Boeing 777-300ER freighter conversions. We helped introduce their convention-defying forward cargo door and the fuel, range and payload advantages that KMC’s design delivers. With an informative website and easy-to-follow copy, we communicate their unique advantages and how a veteran team and Wichita’s manufacturing expertise are bringing innovation to market.


Explaining the Up-front Advantages

It’s pretty technical, explaining how a cargo door ahead of the wing instead of aft helps an aircraft haul more freight, burn less fuel and fly farther. But customers care because the details mean money. So we crafted illustrations of the modifications creating a KMC B777-300ERCF, showing the full fuselage and zooming in on the cargo door and other key features. Maps show savings on routes, charts detail payload and range. Throughout, the text approachably tells about the project, team and suppliers making it happen. Downloadable PDFs and spreadsheets bolster the case, and call-to-action buttons make it easy to connect.


Building More than Freighters

KMC is well along in its project, with an aircraft in the hangar, suppliers lined up and a path toward certification. The project’s benefits extend beyond freighters to include revitalizing the aviation aftermarket and helping train the next generation of aviation professionals in the Air Capital, our home. So we’re glad to have a role in smoothing that path, making their case and putting our aviation workforce on the ground for an industry-changing modification.