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Economic Development Marketing Spurs Travel

Look around Wichita. License plates, bumper stickers, T-shirts, murals – all display Wichita’s flag. Our city pride’s emblazoned across any available surface. It’s the kind of puff-out-your-chest, hold-your-head-high attitude that gets stuff done. That makes a difference. That raises our entire region. It’s just the kind of civic-driven approach Wichitans should use when choosing an airport.


Ready to Rise

The I Fly Wichita economic development marketing campaign kicked off in early 2019 with a downtown rally. Backed by change-agent Wichita businesses, city officials and organizations, it joins Project Wichita and The Chung Report in challenging people to practice what they preach. To fly more than the flag. To fly Wichita. The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, which hosted the kickoff, sent out an invitation, and almost overnight had RSVPs for all 300 tickets. People were hungry for more than the breakfast and networking. They wanted to know how they could play a role in boosting our economy through their travel choices. And we wanted to tell them.


Making the Case

The quality of our air service directly affects our quality of life. Skeptical? Research proves it. More airlines, routes, nonstop destinations, competitive fares and larger aircraft improve more than Wichita Eisenhower National Airport’s offerings. Better air service attracts businesses – and talent to staff them. It draws entertainers and events. The I Fly Wichita website offers tips, testimonials, social-sharing links, user-generated content and more. Our gleaming new terminal serves as a welcoming gateway to the Air Capital. It’s also our portal to prosperity. When we drive to an out-of-town airport thinking we might save a buck or two, or when we don’t support our low-fare carriers so they’ll stay – it’s not waving our flag. It’s stomping on it.

Learn more about I Fly Wichita.