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Environmental Design for Music City

Travelers coming through Signature Flight Support’s new FBO at the Nashville International Airport (BNA) immediately know they’re in a music town. The Grand Ole Opry sprang to life here in the 1920s. Music Row and its Nashville Sound took shape in the 1950s. It introduced us to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. That’s quite a heritage to convey.


A VIP sports lounge showcases Nashville teams with imagery, logos and quotes.

Designing an Exhibit That Tells a Story

Our creative team flew to Nashville and worked directly with the general contractor, Signature’s marketing VP, general manager and BNA’s senior facilities director. We imagined and designed a display to let travelers know they have arrived in a music-inspired town. We secured photograph usage and estate rights (never easy), coordinated with contractors, and ensured the Signature team was in the know every step of the way.


Setting the Stage for a True Southern Experience

The resulting integrated display illuminates Nashville’s country music heritage as well as the area’s sports teams. Timeless, modern motifs support the facility’s clean, elegant architecture. A backlit, 17-foot-tall montage of history-making musicians, iconic Nashville landmarks and musical quotes greet visitors as they enter. A large, three-screen video art piece repurposes a huge archive of signed celebrity photos from the original facility.