I remember my first art class. The teacher. The tools. Even the smells of the paper and pigment. Art transformed my life, which helps explain why the changes underway at 13th and Rock make me want to jump high and shout loudly.

Wednesday’s groundbreaking and unveiling signify something truly great for our community. We celebrate the bold plans for the Wichita Center for the Arts’ new landmark campus, facility, name and identity. I’m proud of the role our agency played in the latter’s development. The name – Mark Arts – conveys the center’s vital contribution to our culture. Artists leave a maker’s mark on their work and I have every confidence this new center will make its mark on us both individually and collectively.


Help spread the word about Mark Arts. Follow #MakeYourMark on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see the new logo in action – and then please share it. If you weren’t at the unveiling – where logo stencils were handed out – you can pick up one at 9112 East Central, Mark Arts’ home until the new facility opens in 2018.

This baby’s no shrinking violet. She enters this world full of spunk. Challenging us to tap our imaginations. To reconnect with that spirit of discovery. To fulfill the yearning that compels us to create something. To imbue it not just with meaning. But with a piece of ourselves.

When the center opens in 2018, I hope you’ll enroll your child, yourself or your parent in one of its many classes. Throw a pot. Paint a picture. Carve a sculpture. There’s something for every age and skill level. Just come and be in the space. Peruse the gallery. Book something in its new meeting space. This won’t be just a building. Wait and see. It’s gonna move you.

Wichita Art Association relationship with Greteman Group

Almost 25 years ago, Greteman Group designed outreach materials for the original Wichita Art Association and then for the Wichita Center for the Arts. We consider it a privilege to continue this relationship, now as Mark Arts’ agency of record. We love all our clients, but this one’s a fave.

Mark Arts naming and identity

The Center for the Arts approached us in July 2015 to explore naming and identity. The journey took us down many paths but returned us to a name based on Mary R. Koch’s initials. Mark Arts feels friendly, casual and non-institutional. It’s memorable and easy to say. And doesn’t limit our outreach geographically. Mark Arts has attitude. Perhaps best of all, it speaks to us. Inviting us to make our mark.

Mark Arts’ dynamic identity struts its stuff in this short, sharable video.

Watch the progress by visiting MarkArtsKS.com. And plan how you’re going to use this fantastic resource.