For those of you who haven’t had a chance to test drive the new White House website, I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and be ready to be impressed.

From the clean, crisp design, to the stately color palette, this site has personality. The designer chose a friendly yet dignified font, and the typography is kerned and finessed with an expert eye. Everything about it is presidential, from the carefully chosen navigation headings, to the warm, colorful photography. The details are meticulously executed. The flag frames the photos while the bookshelves provide a background suggesting substance and intellect. The vibrant and positive group of people surrounding the president is staged with masterful art direction. The light is warm and raking.

This site personifies how savvy the new administration is with social media and communications. So I urge you to watch the weekly video address, read the blog and meet Lily Ledbetter. Interact with fun facts about the White House and check out the past presidents slide show. Sign up for the RSS feed and email updates. If you happen to speak Spanish, no worries. The site is bilingual.

This administration truly understands two-way communication and the importance of not just speaking – but listening. Which the White House clearly is.