First in a Series

Your website may be pretty, but does it have personality? Is it witty and engaging, or is it the kind of party guest you’d wish would leave early because it bores people to tears?

Good content is what drives people to your site, and it’s what keeps them there. And make sure your content is constantly updated, because there’s nothing worse than someone who tells the same stories over and over.

Can You Answer ‘Yes’?

• Your website offers clear calls-to-action throughout.

• Tagline and body copy quickly say who you are, what you do.

• Your homepage communicates key points at a glance.

• You frequently update your website’s content.

• Your website copy conveys your “brand voice.”

Be brutally honest. Remember, content is king. It will largely determine your site’s success. Then keep these points in mind as you start thinking about what you need to do.

• Lack of quality content may hinder your SEO efforts.

• Be different from the masses – try to provide unique content.

• Convey expertise and confidence but don’t overdo it.

• Share and express your knowledge in meaningful, helpful ways.

Keep It Short

When creating content, remember to keep it short and concise. Don’t dumb it down – we’re not talking Dick and Jane here. But we’re not talking Jet Propulsion Lab either. Use headlines –  they facilitate scanning, which is how most people read. Use bullets for lists. Again, it assists scanning and provides emphasis.

Your content design should actively – and interactively – engage visitors in ways that are appropriate to your goals and prospective clients

• Put your most important information toward the top of your page.

• Avoid text that looks difficult, boring or confusing – readers reject that.

• Use white space effectively to break up large blocks of text.

• Don’t put your text in one big block. Separate it into paragraphs.

Reap the Rewards

Follow these guidelines and you’ll almost certainly attract more visitors and keep them longer. Which you can track using simple analytics. Yes, yes, we’re getting to that. Stay tuned to this space for a primer on analytics.

Take our website scorecard test and see how your site stacks up.

Next week: Navigating your navigation.