Some may remember in April of this year hearing about Greteman Group’s 21st birthday on KMUW. “Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.” Many of us at GG are KMUW listeners, and I count myself among the most avid. I’ve been listening to KMUW daily since high school and even streamed it online when I lived in Boston to stay current on my hometown news.

Recently, KMUW hosted an open house, where I got to meet all my favorite local personalities, including Jedd Beaudoin, host of Strange Currency, weeknights at 10pm and Saturdays at 8pm. (My only wish is that KMUW would play Beaudoin’s flavor of local and national alternative music earlier and more often.) I also got to see how the voices of KMUW record and mix their own interviews, promos and news pieces. Perhaps the best part of the tour, though, was ending up in a small tour group of people, all of whom had some connection to Greteman Group and/or my family. Indeed, the Wichita community becomes more intimately beautiful among KMUW listeners.