Tap into the show-stopping power of motion and sound. Amplify the emotion they bring to your message. We not only preach the benefits of video marketing to our clients, but use it ourselves. Video reinforces our brand values, builds rapport and enhances our outreach. It keeps our brand top of mind – and tracks conversions. Which is no small thing.

Brand Your Videos to Create an Immediate and Lasting Impression

Our Greteman Group brand personifies stellar creativity, and storytelling. For our videos, we developed a playful, distinctive, graphic style that carries our brand out into the world with consistency and charm. In fact we’ve become known for these wonderful breaks in the usual scrolling boredom. 

Own Your Content

We use video to capture attention, especially in social feeds where they autoplay as viewers scroll past. We work hard to make them compelling enough to entice viewers to stop and watch. We may punctuate your day with a lighthearted message, or a thoughtful sentiment. Either way, we try to make you think and feel. And prompt you to share.

  • Celebrate our country’s independence with fireworks delivered from an airplane.
  • Salute our veterans’ sacrifice as a field of poppies fills the screen.
  • Feel sassy and sexy with a Valentine’s tango.
  • Fill yourself with gratitude for Thanksgiving’s bounty. 
  • Encourage others to Do Good. Promoting pro bono projects, especially around the holidays, hopefully spurs additional support that makes our world better.
  • Share your wishes for happiness with a New Year’s Eve ball drop.
Including video marketing into your marketing mix is more important than ever before.

Increase Engagement with Video 

Vision is the most dominant of our five senses, so it’s not surprising that 54% of consumers want to see more videos. Tweets with video increase engagement by 10%. Videos on Instagram generate more engagement than any other content type.

Google Rewards Video

Video increases time on site. This longer exposure signals to search engines that your site has good content. YouTube is the second most popular social network, and Google owns YouTube so make the connection work for you. Social media algorithms prioritize the content users see in their feeds based on the likelihood of what they’d actually like to view. These algorithms consistently push video content up to the top. Incorporating video marketing in your social outreach becomes a commonsense no-brainer.

Video Is Shareable and Trackable

HubSpot reports that 50% of consumers would rather see a video than any other content. 76% say they would share a branded video if they found it entertaining. This shareability means video offers prime opportunities for data collection, enhanced targeting and personalization. So set up those analytics, leveraging UTM codes and hashtags. Video can generate solid traction.  

Plan It and Make It Happen 

Planning and executing video should be an integral part of your marketing plan for ongoing brand awareness. There is nothing like a hard, fast deadline to get the creative juices flowing. Experiment and try new things. A planned content calendar and style guide maximizes our efforts and gives us structure. We build in dedicated time to develop innovative concepts, try out unique new illustration styles, discover cool new music sources and sharpen our storytelling.  

Video and Mobile Go Hand in Hand

Mobile usage is rising fast with 90% of mobile users watching video on their device.  U.S. adults spend approximately 15 minutes daily accessing video apps through their smartphones. And those numbers are going up. All. The. Time. Who doesn’t want to watch a video while waiting in line.  Maximize that time and capture those eyeballs.  

Deploy Your Video to a Variety of Channels

Short, powerful video grabs  attention and evokes emotion like nothing else. Use :15 to :30 clips as the perfect length for the various social channels and if you’re feeling adventurous longer for Instagram reels.  We like square or vertical sizes to capture optimal real estate in the social feeds. Also, don’t forget about email. If you are already creating the assets, spread the love over a variety of channels and adjust it slightly for the various audiences.  

When you need a brand boost, a powerful way to connect quickly and with attitude – from playful humor to somber respect – consider video. It’s an integral and results-generating part of our clients’ marketing plans and our own. It works.