Greteman Group client United States Aircraft Insurance Group recently assembled all its managers from around North America to strategize and plan for its near- and long-term future. One of the many exciting initiatives USAIG has to share with company leaders is its dynamic, new brand. It truly soars.

A striking, unexpected look positions USAIG as the progressive, customer-first company it is. Equally important, for the first time in its long-and-distinguished history, USAIG has a consistent visual and verbal vocabulary. Team members across the country can now present a unified front.

Brand Itinerary

Establishing and maintaining brand consistency across all offices and team members only happens with planning and dedicated resources. USAIG recognized the importance of giving its 100-plus team members across 14 locations a tool to ensure brand consistency and asked Greteman Group for support.

The resulting brand itinerary includes a letter from both the chairman and president explaining the rebranding, brand voice, elevator speech, photography style standards, website strategy and much more. All are presented in the aviation vernacular spoken by USAIG employees.

Now that the USAIG leaders are well versed in their new brand, they can return to their teams, brokers, clients and the wider aviation community equipped with the consistent voice needed to lift the brand to even higher altitudes.

Winning New Battles

The brave aviators who helped hasten the end of World War I by crippling the Red Baron’s “Flying Circus” founded USAIG in 1928. The team that leads USAIG today honors that heritage by showing a heroic disregard of doing things the same old way. Which is why it’s always been – and remains – the industry leader.