Two great examples of branding took place recently. First: LawKingdon’s much-anticipated open house celebrating its new brand and revamped offices. The other: a presentation at the WSU School of Art & Design by renowned air-to-air photographer (and father of our very own Ashley Bowen Cook) Paul Bowen. Here are a few highpoints about each.

LawKingdon – Inspire. Create. Achieve.

We’ve worked with this outstanding architectural firm for years, assisting with environmental graphics on everything from the Provo (Utah) Towne Center to the Keeper of the Plains Plaza at the rivers’ confluence in downtown Wichita. When LawKingdon decided it was time to develop a brand that more truly conveys their architectural philosophy – they turned to us. We’re glad they did.

LawKingdon gutted its offices and completely re-imagined them, creating an innovative, must-experience environment. What walls remain are covered in vibrant yellow, red, gray and black graphics showcasing the firm’s work and approach.

Dennis Smith has grown this employee-owned and managed firm from 27 team members in 1994, when he was named president, to approximately 100 today (six work at the Dallas branch office).

One of his first initiatives was to diversify the company, moving it into health care, hospitality, new retail markets and special projects.

Dennis says our 3D invitation has been a huge hit with customers, who’ve been displaying it on their desks and telling LawKingdon how much they love them (the cards and the firm).

To learn more about LawKingdon, visit their new website.

One look at Paul’s body of work tells you this man is a master. But what’s not so immediately apparent is an equally important component of Paul’s incredible success. Early in his career, he branded himself as as aviation expert, and even more specifically, an artist who knew how to capture an aircraft in flight. He says, as a freelance photographer, “I’m unemployed until the phone rings.” Constant innovation, a to-die-for Rolodex and a willingness to strap himself into the tailgunner position of a B-25 (practically hanging out of the plane at 10,000 feet) has kept Paul in demand for 30+ years. Paul blazed new trails, showing us mortals images previously the provenance of angels. His first in a long list of now-famous, otherworldly vortices photographs was of a graceful Learjet rising out of a cloud bank over California. Others have emulated the technique, but Paul will forever be linked with these groundbreaking images. “We’ve milked it for all it’s worth,” Paul laughs.

Wichita Eagle aviation reporter Molly McMillin asked Paul questions we secretly wanted to. Most scared moment? Once when, after half an hour of shooting out of the open back of his B-25, he looked down and saw the strap buckling him in had come undone. He “changed his pants” and went back to shooting, he said.

Today, Paul has published four books and his work has graced the covers of 950 magazines. He has been inducted into the prestigious Canon Explorers of Light program. You can see his work for yourself at his website.

GG brand director Ashley Bowen Cook shares much with her famous pop. Including the fact that they each got airsick the first time they flew. To this day, both are afraid of heights.