This week’s Wichita Aero Club On-Air Summit proved the value of being nimble. Which is apropos since it was a recurring theme of the panelists: Rod Wilson, Air Capital Interiors; Jason Cox, Cox Machine; Woody Cottner, Global Aviation Technologies and Daniel McCoy, Wichita Business Journal.

Panelists agreed that the market will remain soft in 2014. When asked what their measure of success will be this time next year, Cottner got a laugh when he said, “If we’re still in business.” All agreed that emerging technologies promise to transform their businesses – making education critical. All extolled the training offered at the National Center for Aviation Training, Wichita Area Technical College, Wichita State University and the National Institute for Aviation Research. In this area, Wichita has a leg up.

Aviation Summit
Pictured Left to Right:  Rod Wilson of Air Capital Interiors, Jason Cox of Cox Machine, Woody Cottner of Global Aviation Technologies and Daniel McCoy of Wichita Business Journal. Photo by Dan Moore.

The speakers stepped up when congressional leaders scheduled to speak had to step down. A schedule change had both houses in session this week, keeping them in D.C. Wichita Business Journal aviation reporter Daniel McCoy did a commendable job moderating. You can read his coverage here:

Wichita Aviation Summit
Woody Cottner of Global Aviation Technologies answers an audience member’s question during the Wichita Aero Club On-Air Summit. Photo by Dan Moore.

* Photos provided by Dan Moore.