In late June, Twitter CEO Elon Musk asked for a cage fight against Mark Zuckerberg, and it was only a matter of days later when Zuckerberg seemingly breezed over that solicitation and proceeded to unveil his own standalone app version of Twitter, called Threads. Sure, Meta is known for copying key elements of many other social media apps, but Thread’s success rate right out of the gate has been monumental, with an overnight signup total reaching over 30 million users.

So the question many people are asking themselves is “should our brand be on Threads?”

The answer to that question is “strongly consider it.”

Threads is Backed by Meta

First off, the app is owned by Meta. The launch of this new social media platform had the largest success rate of any recent efforts of similar nature. (Let’s circle back to that ever-growing 30 million users overnight stat real quick.)

Wendy’s entered Threads with their usual snark already. The Savannah Bananas danced their way in as well, and Slim Jim has already made quite an initial snap on the app.

Sure, the functionality and overall impact is still a bit up in the air, but the fact that Meta is backing it gives it a big advantage over the numerous twitter clones that have popped up over the past six months.

Everyone has been trying to see where – and if – the regular Twitter user will migrate to a platform that mimics their previous experience. This is the one that seems like the best bet.

Your Following is There Waiting for You

So why has the launch of Threads already been so successful? Meta made it super easy to sign up – all information (including follower list and bio) comes over straight from one’s Instagram account, and right from the get-go any user that logs onto the app has an instant following that mimics their Instagram following.

Ok let’s repeat that because it’s a key thing to remember: You log onto the app for the first time, and you already have a built-in following. It’s there, waiting for you. And all you have to do is show up, add value, and engage with other accounts to continue to build community around your brand.

So should your brand spend time on Threads? You bet it should. Your audience is there, and you should be too.