Wichita, Kan. – A free online tool could be the first step in improving your website. Wichita-based Greteman Group created an interactive checklist that lets you score your site on five key areas: search-engine optimization (SEO), analytics, content, functionality and digital marketing. You can access it here: https://www.gretemangroup.com/website-checklist.

“We made our scorecard low on jargon but high on utility,” says Jordan Walker, Greteman Group digital director. “We designed it to serve as a helpful guide that sparks conversation and thinking.”

The scorecard takes 10 to 15 minutes to go through. Each of the five areas has you answer five questions, then scores you on that area. “It could be an interesting exercise to do with your team,” says Walker, “prompting discussions that could lead to valuable insights.”

If 2016 flew by without significant digital examination, 2017 could be your year to prioritize and execute. No one can afford to miss out on customers who are doing their research online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a restaurant, retailer or roofer, you need to make it easy for people to find out how to do business with you. Why your product or service is better. Whether they like your prices. Your website serves a key role in brand building, lead generation and customer relations. Create a positive experience that encourages people to stick around, share findings and engage.

Two-thirds of B2B marketers without mobile websites said they planned to invest in a responsive website design in 2016, according to research conducted by eMarketer. “If you haven’t taken that step yet,” says Walker, “think about building that into your critical actions for 2017. If your site doesn’t function well on all devices, customers will move on to one that does. The mobile-experience bar keeps rising. Visitors demand better experiences and CEOs demand better metrics.”

Since Greteman Group launched its scorecard, respondents have included marketing managers from a broad range of businesses and nonprofits.

“We just received responses from an east-coast aviation supplier and a yogi in Colorado,” says Walker. “Change starts by asking the right questions – then learning from the answers.”

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