OK, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a slug. I planned to ride my bike to work through the winter, but as soon as the weather got a tiny bit nippy, I wimped out. So the bike’s been an efficient dust collector while I very effectively forgot my brave resolution.

But today is Bike to Work Day in Wichita, and that finally pushed me to haul my bike down off the hangar and pedal it to work. It’s an example of the effect you can have by getting out and promoting a good idea. If a few folks hadn’t felt passionately enough about the value of exercise and the benefits of reducing energy consumption to organize a day of awareness, my bike might still be hanging uselessly in the garage.

Instead of just quietly going about their business, they got together to Do the Deed for a great cause. I’m glad they did. My legs will be glad, too. In a couple of days.