Finally feel like I have time to catch my breath after 10 exhausting-but-exhilarating days on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. While most of Greteman Group’s 21 team members touch the fair, those of us who provide on-the-ground support during the actual event – the state’s largest – get an up-close-and-personal view.

Sheep Thrills Indeed

Here’s what we saw. Kansans having big fun. Trying out the newest food on a stick, singing along with a grandstand act, screaming on the wild midway rides. We also witnessed lots of learning. People of all ages interacting with animals and each other. School kids discovering where their breakfast toast and milk come from. Youth showcasing projects in agriculture, geology and photography. City slickers marveling over bountiful veggies that would tip even Fred Flintstone’s truck.

For me, being on the grounds is an invigorating and inspiring experience. Taking in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that only the fair can offer. Our seventh, and possibly most successful, year of supporting the Kansas State Fair leaves us standing tall and proud to live in such a great state.

Raving Bull, Sheep Thrills
Raving Bull, Sheep Thrills

The Wichita Eagle, Opinion Line, 15A, Sept. 18, 2010 The State Fair promotional campaign of the past few years has been exceptional with “It’s a Wild Ride, Baby!” conveying a hip cultural event, fresh from the farm. The artful and amusing posters are collectible. Finally, something to remind us that Kansas is, in fact, in the 21st century.