Reputation management plays an important role in the marketing industry, and it takes just the right messaging combined with a spot of patience to truly get it right. Greteman Group Executive Vice President Deanna Harms brings just the right amount of poise, professionalism, background and brilliance to the table, leaving our clients with a clear and peaceful state of mind. Deanna was wonderful enough to step away from her day-to-day wordsmithing to answer five quick questions that give us insight behind her passion for marketing and PR

Question 1: What drove you to initially pursue a career in journalism?
I’ve always had a reverence for the written word and storytelling. Journalism felt noble. Then I graduated from j-school and learned the going rate for jobs open to me was roughly 15 cents a word. So I switched careers to PR.

Question 2: Who has inspired you along your professional path?
I recently attended Gridiron, a Society of Professional Journalists fundraiser, and was struck by all the named scholarships and how many were my mentors. Key among them: Les Anderson and Randy Brown. I’d include Sonia as a mentor/editor, too. Each set high bars. Stretching myself to reach those standards made me better.

Deanna with Sonia Greteman

Question 3: How have you found your expertise in journalism to be a benefit to your work at Greteman Group?
The rules of engagement are the same. Hook readers. Embed nuggets to keep pulling them toward your conclusion. Always tell the truth. Factcheck. Use multiple sources. Don’t be lazy. Your readers deserve better.

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about working at Greteman Group?
Good enough is never good enough. We question, dig deeper and ask for multiple options from which to choose the best. We don’t toss out an idea then move on. We work it.

Question 5: If you could instill one solid piece of PR advice into the minds of those beginning to pursue a career path in marketing and advertising, what would it be?
First, I’d say bravo, how wise you are, and what a sure-to-be-glorious journey lies ahead. So much is changing, it makes PR a fresh adventure, a field where you can make your imprint. Next, for those starting out, remember to build and nurture relationships. Protect your reputation by doing what you say you will, delivering your best always and circling back with the media or contact to ensure you’ve met expectations.