With the New Year comes resolutions, a refreshed outlook on life and – new this year – sponsored stories in your Facebook news feed.

Starting in early January, Facebook users will start to see these ads. These sponsored stories will look the same as other postings appearing in the news feed, but will be distinguished by a link that reads “Sponsored” below the post. (Mobile users won’t initially see the stories, but that’s planned for later in the spring.)

Up to this point, advertising was restricted to the right side of the page, but new doors for engagement and brand awareness will now be opened with this access to the highly coveted news feed.

Time Will Tell

Facebook began as an outlet for personal expression, sharing and networking, and many users’ connection to and interaction with their news feeds is no exception to those principles. We’ll see how these sponsored stories play out within the overall Facebook user experience and advertising model – and how Facebook will continue to honor the roots of social media as this and future advertising tactics are implemented.

Advertisers interacting through social media should strive for relevant and authentic messaging – no matter the tactic – and encourage users to share their own stories and brand experiences.