Sonia’s first words when told she was being inducted into the Broadcast and Media Professionals of Wichita (BMPW) Hall of Fame were, “I’m what???”

Once we filled her in on the details of the award – that it’s given to someone who’s really pushed the field of media forward and not that she’s spent a lifetime in front of a camera or microphone – she was better about it. Kind of. It’s difficult when you’re working away, giving it your best – and then to have someone give you a lifetime achievement award. It makes you think, “Am I an old timer?”

In Sonia’s case, I think we all know the answer to that question.

Sonia has no intention of slowing down or pulling up a rocker. She’s jazzed as never before by the possibilities of new media and the convergence of TV, radio, print, computer, phone, PDA. She’s up to the challenges and plans to seize the opportunities. Wednesday night, as she accepted this prestigious award from a room filled with so many dedicated broadcast and media professionals, Sonia said she was truly humbled. You should have seen it.

Sound Bites From the Evening*

*attributed to the best of my ability – I’m not a paid journalist after all

You can’t be in a room with warm, witty on-air types and not end up laughing most of the night. Or feeling you just heard some might wise words. I wanted to share a few:

“She’s looking for more people to do.” –Don Hall, KZSN Radio DJ about Sierra Scott’s TV show, “It’s All Good.”

“She looks little and petite and smiles and all, but…” –Marcus Wilkerson about his boss, “Mama Bear” Joan Barret, KWCH TV 12 news director/general manager

“You meet some real characters, and you meet some people with real character.” –Pat Moyer, Clear Channel news director

“At the end of the day, you just go home and make your voodoo doll.” –Ken Whitney, KSAS/KMTW production

“God, I hope size doesn’t matter.” –Trace Taul, BOB FM veteran voice talent (upon getting a Lucite award considerably smaller than the predecessor’s)

“Let me give you a great piece of advice, ‘Hire worriers.’” –Al Buch, general manager, KSNW TV 3, given to him by his mom

“I don’t watch that crap. I’m not in that demo.” –Dan Wall, KAKE TV 10, general sales manager

“Unlike a general manager or an on-air person, this person actually works for a living.” –Ron Blue, Clear Channel Outdoor president