When you need an aircraft delivered without a scratch, SouthWind Global Aviation serves as a proven go-to partner. It gets everything from single-engine pistons up to midsize jets to their destinations safely and on time. SouthWind has been providing no-hassle aircraft ferry delivery since its founding in 1985 as well as pilot services, training and mentorship. It can be there for customers from the preflight inspection to the final inspection and acceptance of the aircraft.

SouthWind is a small company that makes a big impact. All you have to do is look at the map densely populated with delivered and shipped aircraft to understand that this is an impressive, global operation. SouthWind strives to achieve nothing short of 100 percent customer satisfaction. That drive for excellence led to a recent critical review of its marketing materials and website.

Working Smart Creates Value

When they reached out to us for a branded redo, we were all in. Yes, we needed to work with a modest budget, but we know how to do that quite effectively. The big draw for us – the SouthWind team gets it. They worked internally to determine their key messages, goals and creative assets. That helped eliminate wheel spinning and unnecessary rework.

Building Confidence and Peace of Mind

The new outreach materials tell a story. A streamlined color palette creates a distinctive, branded look. Illustrated icons highlight diverse services at a glance. Testimonial quotes from notable customers such as Textron Aviation Chairman Emeritus Russ Meyer, Jr. reinforce the company’s proven track record. A dedicated section for news and events showcases recent coverage and encourages interaction at upcoming industry tradeshows and conventions. Analytics reveal where the action is and spotlight areas that might need attention. Calls-to-action invite engagement.

Check out the site.