Ever just want to jump and shout? Then you know how we feel. Tuesday we were one of three companies honored with a Working Well award (alongside Westar Energy and longtime client Royal Caribbean).

We love the plaque (office manager Carol Farrow has yet to release it from her grip). Even more, we love the energy that comes from being in a room full of people committed to making their workplaces healthier, happier places.

Our office manager spent most of Tuesday at this, the fifth-annual Working Well Conference; Sonia and I attended the luncheon and keynote speech. Here are just a few motivating employee comments overheard.

“Work will always be there. If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be very good at work.”

“You have to make a commitment and stick with it.”

“On the days I don’t feel like exercising, I do it anyway.”

“What’s there to lose? There’s everything to gain.”

A Healthy Team Creates a Healthier Bottom Line

Speakers shared motivation strategies and tools. How to change attitudes. Measure and monitor results. Involve families. That latter point really made us think. We focus so much on team members, but they only account for 40 percent of a company’s healthcare benefit costs. The other 60 percent come from spouses and dependents. If we want to maintain affordable coverage, we need to broaden our outreach. And when you think about it, how great is that? Healthier homes as well as healthier workplaces. It’s a win for all.

Learning What Works

Horizon Air was held up as an example of a company that has realized tremendous savings through its wellness initiatives. Maybe it’s because we serve so many clients in the aviation industry, but the phrase they use really resonates with us. “Running out of runway.”

None of us may have as much time – or runway – as we think. If we need to make a lifestyle change – kicking the cigs, shedding some pounds, exercising daily – let’s do it. So we feel so darn good we really can jump for joy.