The new Signature Loyalty program is designed to be user and mobile friendly.

Everybody loves a little reward now and then. Pilots are no exception. Signature Flight Support® revamped its Signature TailWins® program, which provides valuable incentives for flight crews who use the company’s global FBO network. This required more than just a fresh color palette. The goal was to make the program easy to use, and effortless to claim rewards. We created an all-new, simplified web user experience, including an elegant, intuitive website that works anywhere, on any device. Instant access to current totals. Easy navigation. Powerful yet uncomplicated management options. And a full range of launch materials blew wind into the TailWins’ sails. unnamed

By all accounts, Signature TailWins® was a winner.

But flight support is a highly competitive business, and every major Signature Flight Support® competitor has its own pilot rewards program. Signature constantly searches for strategies to keep its services and programs at the head of the pack.

To generate renewed interest in TailWins, Signature greatly simplified the system, then recruited our help to design and promote a website that makes the new system work.

To make it compelling, we extended the TailWins brand with authentic photography, bold graphics and fresh energy, and created a modern, versatile, responsive web site that works on all platforms and devices.

Signature promotes its rebranded TailWins with materials at each of its U.S. locations.

A full complement of compelling advertising, teaser emails and booth graphics, helped Signature launch the new TailWins at the annual Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference. With a welcome kit, counter and rack cards, a series of informative emails and more, Signature had a brisk breeze of smart strategy and irresistible creative at its back to guarantee a successful launch.

A welcome kit leads both new and existing TailWins members directly to the Signature Loyalty signup page.