We’re all experiencing external stresses in this current depressed economy. The future can look a little scary. I remind myself that our clients, no doubt, feel the same way.

When estimating creative fees and production costs, we’ve always tried to ensure we deliver the greatest value. In my job as estimator, I constantly try to find new ways to produce Greteman-quality work. That involves everything from researching new production methods to ensuring direct-mail pieces leverage postal regulations to securing competitive bids. I try to ask the right questions upfront to maximize our time and minimize wrong directions.

Stopping to Smell the Roses

It’s a given that we keep our clients’ budgets in mind. But the thing that’s easier to lose sight of is that we’re a team of individuals. Each with personal, unique struggles.

It’s easy to focus on the negative climate of foreclosures and tightened budgets, allowing that climate to affect our own mental health. I appreciate my empathetic, caring teammates and how they help keep things in perspective. It could be a stress-relief program spearheaded by our wellness committee. It could be a potluck planned by our fun group. It could be coworkers saying they understand a tight deadline and would be glad to pitch in and help. It could be a goofy smile and high five as we pass each other in the hallway.

We all do what we can. I sometimes joke that Greteman Group is my “second dysfunctional family.” But really, I know everyone here has the same goal. Produce awesome work that delivers big for our clients – and have a little fun along the way.

Thanks everyone.