If you were to make a list of your design heroes, who would make the cut? This is the task we tackled during one of the judges’ late-night conversations.

This effort was actually inspired by Jean Coyne’s (pictured to the right) stories about Paul Rand, who, interestingly, was never asked to judge CA. Of course, Jean had countless other stories, but we were sworn not to let them leave the table. (Jean, you rascal, you.)

So here’s the list we assembled of our favorite designers:

  • Milton Glaser
  • Tibor Kalman
  • Woody Pirtle
  • Herb Lubalin
  • Lou Dorfsman
  • Saul Bass
  • Alexey’ Brodovitch
  • Ivan Chermayeff

Thank You CA. I’m incredibly fortunate to have been selected to judge CA. The work inspired me. The judges delighted me. And the whole experience is unforgettable.