Flagging down a taxiing aircraft for a photoshoot. Hanging up the phone and racing over to a client’s office to defend the agency’s creative. Fighting for what she knew was right and would lead to better outcomes.

Sonia has always been a rebel and risk-taker. Now she’s also a mentor for the next generation of agency leaders, creatives and the community she serves.

“That is my sole job right now,” she said in a Wichita Business Journal feature for her recognition of being named to the 2019 Women in Business Hall of Fame Class.

(l-r) Dr. Sheree Utash, WSU Tech president; Ronnie Leonard, Balco CEO; Sonia Greteman, Greteman Group president and creative director. Photo courtesy: Balco.

She joined fellow classmates Balco CEO Ronnie Leonard and WSU Tech President Sheree Utash at the Wichita Business Journal’s recognition luncheon August 13.

Lean In and Listen In

Sonia appeared on BizTalk with Bill Roy, talking about the value of storytelling and giving your all to ensure success. She also credits her 20-person team of entrepreneurs, or as Roy calls them, “intrapreneurs.” Team members who act as though they own the agency, who are invested in its success, who need little supervision or exterior motivation.

Our fearless leader believes you should both show up and speak up. Sonia’s learned a good deal during her 30 years at the helm of Greteman Group. You, too, can benefit from her commonsense but profound lessons learned. Hear the full podcast.