A lot of people in aviation are worried about a looming pilot shortage. Plane & Pilot magazine decided to do something about it.

Over the past few years many general aviation pilots have hung up their headsets. A new microsite managed by the magazine aims to lure them back into the left seat – by harnessing the power of marketing.

The site WelcomeBackPilots.com – offers good deals, promotions and other incentives aimed at inactive pilots. Making it easier for them to scratch their itch to fly.

Free – and Savvy

Plane & Pilot invites any business or organization with a worthy program to post a banner ad on this site. The goal is for it to become a clearinghouse for pilot inducements. Here’s the best part: it’s free. Consider it the magazine’s gift to the industry.

It’s a smart move. The site performs a generous public service. And it’s great PR for the magazine. Groups who use the site and see a good return might decide to ramp up their own ad sales. Marketing isn’t a cost – it’s an investment that increases their effectiveness and reach.