You might call it Baby BACE. Or NBAA Junior. But the NBAA Regional Forum – held last week in White Plains, NY – offers advantages that set it apart from the big show next October.

More than 2,000 attended, a number that’s been growing every year. The consensus: not only is it worthwhile, it’s fast becoming a don’t-miss event.

Here are a few of the things that make the regional forum so valuable.

NBAA Banner
Signs point the way to the NBAA Regional Forum held on Thursday, June 6,    at Panorama Flight Services, Westchester County Airport (HPN), White              Plains, NY.
  • It’s a more relaxed venue for focusing on industry developments and safety issues. In White Plains, for example, the NBAA announced a new initiative: FileSmart. This program urges operators to always file early, accurate flight plans, and explains how and why that helps controllers handle individual flights more efficiently with fewer delays.
  • It provides a great networking opportunity for staff members who may not be able to attend BACE in the fall.
  • You have more time for quality, in-depth networking – and perhaps even some unpressured deal brokering. There are fewer announcements and other distractions, for one thing.
  • It’s easier on your feet, since it takes place in one hangar rather than multiple cavernous convention halls.
  • Social media comes in especially handy. If you see a tweet that piques your interest, you know you’re not far from the source.

We join the chorus thanking NBAA for supporting our industry with useful tools such as the Regional Forum.

NBAA Regional Forum Luncheon
Some of the more than 2,000 attendees grab a quick lunch. The forum featured more than 120 exhibitors and nearly 30 aircraft on static display.