The world’s largest business aviation event takes place next week. If you’re one of the 25,000 who will be slogging through the 2-million-square-foot Orange County Convention Center and the 100-aircraft-strong static display at the Orlando Executive Airport for NBAA 2014, listen up. This advice is for you.

Use the Official Mobile App

Do your planning first – before you visit clients or check out the competition. Before you climb the airstairs and walk through that new aircraft mockup. Before you check out the whiz-bang wizardry of breakthrough avionics. Before you attend a press conference or sit through a game-changing education session. Think ahead so you stay cool and collected later.

Start by deploying NBAA’s step-saving, time-maximizing mobile app. It works equally well on both Apple and Android devices. Use its interactive floor plan to strategically group forays so you’re not needlessly running to and fro. It also pulls in Twitter so you can see the latest #NBAA14 buzz and contribute some of your own.


Get the app at:

Then go ahead and pound that pavement. Cram as much as you can into these precious, few days. Let nothing stop you. Including pain. There’s no need to suffer. Martyrdom is so yesterday. Today there’s stuff for just about anything that ails you. We gathered some of our personal favorites for ourselves and friends. Let our NBAA relief kit inspire your own efforts to brave the floor and storm the static.

Catch the Cure for NBAA-itis

Emergen-C – It’s not 911, but it can help stave off those sniveling sneezing sniffles.

Tylenol – Take when you start feeling a pain in the – wherever.

Tums – Go ahead, order it extra hot. This show’s only once a year.

Stain out – Insurance for when you’re eating on the run.

Moist towelette – Instant refreshment. Lets you keep on keeping on.

Band-Aids – We won’t ask. You don’t have to tell.

Mints – You’ve-been-on-the-go-for-12-hours-straight protection.

Eye drops – There’s nothing static about that hot dry breeze.

Sleep mask – Make the most of your shut-eye. Also good for cruising past competitor booths.

And before you go out again after a full day on the run, 15 minutes lying on the bathroom floor back at your hotel, legs draped over the side of the tub, feet soaking in cold water will restore your soles. And your spirits. Guaranteed.

Deep Breath, Now Smile

Network. Connect. And sell like you’ve never sold before. They’re predicting one of the best shows in years. The big winner might as well be you.

This column ran in the October 15 issue of BlueSky Business Aviation News.