As a friend of the agency, you’ve probably seen GiGi, our alter ego. She brightens everything from our website and proposals to cards and emails. But you may not know much about her, or why she came into being. Let’s change that.

A Here-for-You Approach

GiGi represents a return to first-class service, to the golden age of travel. When customers came first. Go-go boots and a vintage Emilio Pucci uniform give a nod (and a wink) to the very beginnings of the jet set. They’re patterned after Mary Wells’ groundbreaking branding done for Braniff Airlines in the 1960s. Wells rethought not just Braniff’s advertising, but also its uniforms, aircraft liveries, interiors and more. Her campaign, “The End of the Plain Plane,” went deeper than style. Braniff was about more than getting you to your destination. It made the experience great.

Always Learning and Growing

GiGi lives to fly. Stretching her wings. Adding to her already-rich life experiences. She travels the world, hungry for the wisdom only travel brings.
A white scooter helps her zip through city streets. A rocket facilitates interplanetary exploration. She knows marketing from alpha to zulu, tip to tail, cockpit to cabin. GiGi kicks out the chocks, fills up the tanks and elevates brands in the marketplace stratosphere.

Doing What It Takes

GiGi’s propensity for decisive action stems from a bedrock conviction that success takes talent, effort and commitment. That correct beats sloppy. That both the big-picture strategy and supporting details matter. GiGi inspires us to do what it takes to ensure clients get what they want and what they need. On time and on budget. With regular touch bases throughout the process to keep clients always in the know. Always world class.

Let Us Play Among the Stars

We like to think there’s a bit of GiGi’s spirit in everything we do. Whether cool chic or hot happenings. Visit the agency and, while you won’t catch a glimpse of her, you will feel her presence. And, who knows? Together we might see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.