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Public Relations at 40,000 Feet

Executive AirShare announced the opening of its first base in the Rocky Mountains in summer 2018. We invited reporters to a special event at Centennial Airport that included a press conference and demo flight on their Embraer Phenom 300 with CEO John Owen. The expansion generated coverage from area and aviation press, including The Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, ColoradoBiz Magazine, The Wichita Eagle, Wichita Business Journal, Aviation International News, Aviation Week and AviationPros. The news generated more than $300,000 in advertising equivalency across 109 media mentions.

I trust Greteman Group to work with reporters proactively and responsively.

Executive AirShare
former VP of marketing and customer experience

Leveraging Our Rocky Mountain High Online

A special page on the website offers access to the news coverage, as well as a testimonial from Denver launch customer Robert Cohen, Colorado-based chairman and CEO of IMA Financial Group. It also provides a handy one-minute travel assessment to see which of its plans best fits a traveler’s needs – whether that’s their charter service or the unique day-based fractional ownership operation the company is known for. Targeted outdoor, digital ads and organic social media helped get the word out. We helped communicate how Executive AirShare provides the benefits of private aviation while delivering the most for owners’ travel dollars. Events such as the demo flight help build relationships with aviation, luxury-service and metro reporters hungry for quality news and reliable information.