The advertising industry is ever-changing with varying facets that attract and inspire the professionals who choose this career path. Some are drawn in by their passion for design, others find a thrill in wordsmithing and content creation. Greteman Group Brand Manager Kendall Schellhorn shares what has inspired her throughout her career as she answers these five questions.

What initially drew you to a career in marketing and advertising?

Logos. I love logos. I think it’s fun to be able to identify a company just by viewing its mark. For me, the thought process that goes into developing a logo and a brand, and then seeing how a company utilizes that brand, is fascinating. Like many people, I fell into advertising in college. While attending the journalism school at KU, I was exposed to multiple areas of the industry. I initially believed everyone would start at an ad agency, but quickly learned there are different avenues and paths to take in this career field.

Who has inspired you along your professional journey?

The people I have been fortunate enough to work alongside, continue to be the highlight throughout my professional journey. I remember the people more than the work. I have been fortunate to have remarkable mentors in my career who continue to inspire me to this day, and I hope to pass along their wisdom to others.

What is your favorite thing about your role at Greteman Group, so far?

My favorite part of Greteman Group is the people. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone, and greatly appreciate the comradery and team atmosphere. As a brand manager, I enjoy seeing a client’s business grow from our advertising and marketing efforts, as a result of the team’s strategic planning. Combining strengths and skills produces a stronger outcome for a client.

What has been the most surprising thing that you’ve learned in your career?

There is always something surprising in this industry. The advertising and marketing industry is constantly changing. You have to keep up with technology trends and constantly adapt to new ways of reaching your clients’ target audience. While some of the longstanding industry adages will always ring true, it’s surprising what you can achieve with today’s media options.

For those considering a career in marketing and advertising, what piece of wisdom would you like to share?

Marketing and advertising is a unique field because you can create your own path. There’s no set track to follow, which is a plus and a minus. Embrace the opportunities. Learn all aspects of the business to equip yourself with as many skills as possible. Then follow the path that interests you most.