The minute Chris and I became more involved in supporting the arts, our lives became richer, fuller and more interesting.

Early in our careers we worked โ€“ just about all the time. We met as designers at the Design Centre. Chris was my boss after convincing them to hire me. Our life has always been about making art and cheering on our tight-knit, collaborative band of artist friends. We started collecting before we could actually afford it. The thrill of buying a piece โ€“ falling in love, deliberating the purchase, staking our claim with a red dot โ€“ then hanging and enjoying it year after year has been such a gift. The pure joy collecting brings us (and everyone who visits our home) is immense. We get a kick out of discovering new artists and building deep collections of longtime friends as they evolve and grow.

Recently, in advance of a long trip to China, we updated our will. What we thought might be difficult actually proved to be affirming. It included discussions of what kind of legacy we could leave behind and where our beloved collection might end up, be appreciated, cared for, and displayed rather than stored in some closet. We decided to include both the Wichita Art Museum and WSU Ulrich Museum of Art in our trusts, gifting works to each in addition to monetary donations.

WAM, WSU, and the Ulrich have transformed our lives. Putting action behind our words of thanks feels right. It gives us peace to have this important decision taken care of and in writing. It is our hope that our small gesture will have a lasting effect. Inspiring the next generation of artists and collectors. Enriching our already special community. Keeping the art vibe pulsing strong.

Published in the February-April 2017 issue of WAM Views.