Time passes quickly when you’re engaged. I’m proof of that. I lifted my head from the tasks at hand and, just like that, our agency’s celebrating its 32nd anniversary. Perhaps you’ve experienced that sensation, too. Years feeling like they’ve leapt forward. Leaving you in a state of wonder. And gratitude.

I want to pause and commemorate what those years mean. The clients who looked to us to break the rules and create something fresh. The designers who bridged the gap between seeing and understanding, delivering big ideas at a glance. The writers who inspired, not just informed. The account execs who solved problems and set strategy. A team willing to lead and pioneer.

Magic and Momentum

We’ve continually evolved. Starting as a kickass design firm able to conjure something magical from data and dreams. Then growing in size and capabilities. Serving as a turnkey marketing partner for larger and larger companies. But remaining true to our core: that what we do has purpose.

We love art. But we don’t make it. Anything we develop – whether physical or digital – has a job to do. And that is to move minds or hearts to action. Our tools have become increasingly sophisticated and automated, giving us the ability to guide user-experiences, track online activities and manage customer relationships. We’re lifelong students, always learning, connecting the dots and deploying new tactics.

Doing What You Love

Opening a business is a starry-eyed, hope-filled act of faith. And a gamble. I felt lucky on April 1, 1989. And even luckier today. Working with dedicated creative people makes every day new. This business challenges me and fills me with joy and love, friendships and community. It also makes it possible for us to give back by investing in things that matter. Every year our pro bono support and underwriting grows. Because it’s never just been about the business. It’s about being agents of change. For the better.

May We Have This Dance?

Tango offers a good metaphor for our anniversary. Communication lies at the heart of this expressive dance. To listen. To understand. To bring people together. Our 32 years on the dance floor makes us a better partner. One that gets timing, passion – and rhythm. If you feel the need to move, reach out. We’ll teach you the steps.