Have you deployed Instagram Story stickers yet? If not, consider it. They’re an attention-getting magnet on social.

Air Capital Stickers

In 2019, we published a book about the Air Capital called Wichita: Where Aviation Took Wing. To increase awareness, we developed playful Air Capital Instagram Story stickers and GIFs. They’re for anyone who works in aviation or simply loves it. Our stickers have received more than 390,000 views so far. The aviator sunglasses that you can add to the top of your photo and “Grab Life by the Yoke” are favorites.

greteman group instagram story stickers

What Are Story Stickers?

No doubt you’re familiar with the @ and # symbols, which have been around for a while. You type them into tweets to tag and trend. Both are mechanisms to showcase brand personality in social posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and – yes – even the more professional LinkedIn.

In an Instagram Story, @ and # act like literal stickers you can add to any part of your graphic, photo or video – and they don’t stop there.

instagram story stickers

There are dozens of tools to highlight your brand personality in each 24-hour snapshot of your story. Consider GIFs, location, polls, questions, quizzes and more.

To find ours, search “Greteman Group” in the Instagram Story stickers search bar.

How to Add Stickers to Your Brand Strategy

First, find a graphic design partner who understands your brand personality. (Need one?) Figure out what type of movement you’d enjoy.

For example, our sunglasses animate as if gleaming.

Second, get on GIPHY. The internet’s largest GIF platform tracks uploads and views for marketers. It lets you measure your return on investment beyond simply how much fun you’re having.

Signing up, you’ll go through:

  • Brand verification
  • GIPHY sticker creation/approval
  • Creating and uploading GIFs

Finally, develop your Instagram Story sticker strategy.

GIFs are great, but brands don’t get to enjoy the “build it and they will come” virality of memes. You have to tell your audience about your stickers.

How? Use them. Encourage your customers, employees and partners to use them. Run a sticker contest and promote it on your blog, in customer emails and across social media. Turn stickers into swag to hand out at your next tradeshow – with directions to @, # and Story. Now, not only does your audience know about your stickers, they’re engaged with your brand and connected to your personality.

There you have it. Now, go tell a Story.