Clients and prospects still ask, “We need blogs?” Our response: Not just blogs – content.

Content marketing fulfills multiple important roles in your sales and marketing strategy – from the top of the funnel for awareness, through the middle for education and all the way to the end. And back again.

Take a look at all of the ways content drives more than just your blogroll.

Collect Your Content, Break it Down and Build it Out

Your company has been creating content since it launched a website. Before websites? Adverts, radio spots, skywriting… we can go on and on and on about all that constitutes content.

What has your company created? Gather the brochures, press releases and proposals. Compile the case studies, columns and newsletters.

what constitutes content

Now, pick one. A winning proposal from last year, the case study you used to prove your service’s value or even a regular old blog post. And then break it down into its parts.

Breaking down your proposal highlights various pieces of content that tell your story, describe your products and services and prove your value. Each piece of content can then be modified to produce a blog post, a set of educational videos and social posts.

Further, because you won that proposal, you now have an opportunity to build out more content.

  • Milestone project updates through a series of blog posts or press releases
  • Another case study to add to your next proposal and website
  • A white paper detailing the results of your work, showcasing the customer
  • Video interviews with the customer providing testimonials to share on social
how to create content

Of course, there are many more methods for creating content, such as through keyword research. Focusing first on what you already have will get you started.

Points to Keep in Mind When Creating Content

Now that you know all of the ways you can break down existing content to create more, keep these points in mind.

Activate a Cyclical Review. Create, publish, measure, iterate. No matter what type of content you create, how you distribute it and what you want from it – you must measure it. Here are a handful of Metrics That Matter. Whatever works, reiterate. Whatever doesn’t? Try, try again.

Be Consistent. Creating content consistently will not only keep you on track – checking off a monthly blog post or daily LinkedIn share – but it also ensures your audience always has something new to expect.

More Than Anything, Stick to Your Strategy. Read Channel Your Content into Strategy, which walks through how four channels help you plan, distribute and measure the content you produce.

Greteman Group develops content strategies for clients to grow their audience, generate leads and close deals. Whatever your business goals are, we can help you create content to achieve them. Let’s talk.